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Cherokee Middle School

Online Registration Available for Roane County Schools

We are transitioning to an online registration process for our district.

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3 Students from Mrs. Begley's class learning about Cuneiform Writing.
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Principal's Message

Returning Materials:
Dear CMS Students/Parents of Students,
May 11th - 15th, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
May 14th, 10:00 - 2:00 and 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
At Cherokee Middle School:
No more than 6 students will be allowed in the library at a time. We must make the process swift and keep them moving. In and out. 
As much as we would love to give our students hugs, we will still be practicing social distancing and will give virtual hugs and big smiles! 
Students/parents may come on any of these dates regardless what  grade they are in.

Please wipe down all returning items as best as possible with disinfectant wipes.

Students are to return:
- Chromebooks
- textbooks 
- borrowed books
- library books
- band instruments (band students - please go to and go to Mr. Tillman’s webpage to see the specifics about what to return to the band room.)
- athletic gear
- Any completed work you would like to return to your teacher. (place work in a grocery bag with your name and the name of the teacher it is to go to)
- pay outstanding fees, i.e. Cafeteria Charges, Lost Textbook Fees
- pick up or purchase yearbooks (If you pre-ordered, it will be ready for your child to pick up. If you did not pre-order, there are some for sale for $40 until sold out.)
- If your child had any medications that were kept with the school nurse, please have your child pick up what belongs to them.
- retrieve any personal items or clothing from the lockers.
- Pick up a copy of the materials list for next year, Out-of-District Form, and Physical Paperwork
- 8th grade students will receive 8th grade Certificates

Only our high school students will have a graduation, which will take place later in the summer. There will not be any honors or recognition ceremonies at CMS or any other Roane County Middle School or for any other grade levels. I realize this is disheartening to many, our students have worked very hard. Our 8th grade students will receive their 8th grade certificate, however no other awards or recognitions will take place. 

Traffic Flow - Parents will use the car rider line to drop off students, then the parent will be directed to pull in the bus line, next to the front of the school to pick up their child in front of the band/cafeteria area.
(if a parent must come in the building, please park in the bus lane on the far side of the bus lane next to the road.)

Students will enter the outside doors to the library, drop off Chromebook, library books, textbooks, borrowed books, and athletic gear, pay cafeteria/library/lost text fees if needed, and pick up or purchase a yearbook. Students will then be directed to the locker/grade level hallway to pick up personal items, exit the end of hallway doors as if going to the cafeteria, drop off their band instrument in the band room, exit the door by band room, get in the car and leave. Not every child will need or want to get personal items or return a band instrument. Those that do not have to will exit the library and return to their car in the bus lane and leave. 
If you have questions or concerns, please call the school at 376-9281, Monday - Thursday, 10:00 - 2:00. 
We miss each and every one of you and look forward to seeing you again soon!
Much Love,
Ms. Rose
CMS Parents and Students, 
With the Governor, Bill Lee announcing recommended school closures to extend to April 24th, Roane County Schools will be following this recommendation. Cherokee Middle School will continue Distance Learning as we have been and will continue until further notice. The teachers will continue to provide learning opportunities and structure for our students by planning lessons and providing on-line resources and ideas to engage in learning.
Students are still expected to continue their learning. They will need to log on, every day to complete their assignments. If students are struggling with on-line learning, they need to be patient, persist, email their teacher to ask questions, or phone a friend.
Parents, to better help your children, go to each teachers website and follow the directions for what the teacher is asking the students to do. If you have questions and do not understand, please email the teacher. Their email address is on their website.
Students need to be engaged in reading, daily. If students do not have a book, go to Mrs. Fosters website where you will find an abundance of resources for free downloadable books. During this time, provide your children with many learning experiences, such as teaching them how to do laundry, make their bed, cook a meal, plant a container garden, write a letter, etc. For families that do not have internet access, we will be providing other learning materials for these students and getting it to them. We will provide a weeks worth of material at a time.
Administration will be in the building daily from 9:00 - noon if you need to pick up items from the school, have questions or concerns, call the school, 865-376-9281, M-F from 9:00 - noon or email Ms. Rose
Drive thru Breakfast and Lunch is provided daily from 10:00 - noon at Cherokee Middle School. Any student age 18 and under is welcome to pick up these meals everyday. 
Spend time with your children, enjoy this time with them, and love them. We will get through this! 
Much Love to You All,
Elizabeth Rose
"When there is perplexity there is always guidance - not always at the moment we ask, but in good time, which is God's time. There is no need to fret and stew." - Elisabeth Elliot
CMS Parents and Students, 
Monday, March 23rd we will embark on a new "forced" journey of continuing the education of our children from behind a screen and in our own homes. Not at all the way in which we visioned public schooling, but here we are. Parents have swiftly been forced into the role of the home school facilitator and establishing new schedules for your children to ensure they are continuing their education, while many of you are still having to work. We will all experience some anxieties during this time, but know that we have each other and will be learning together; parents, teachers, students, and administrators.
Our number one focus and goal is to continue the learning of the child. Supports will be put into place, curriculum and lessons will be provided, resources will be shared, school faculty, staff and administration will continue to build relationships with our students and families by checking in often, and offering school meals daily, 10:00 - Noon, drive thru pick up at CMS. 
Things you need to know:
1)  Visit the CMS website, this is where you are now! 
2)  Go to the tab that says Staff Directory.
3)  Locate your child's core teachers and related arts teachers and click on each one.
4)  Teachers will update lessons and provide information that will direct you to Google Classroom codes, etc.
5)  Email teachers if you have questions about specific lessons, but be patient if the response is not immediate.
6)  Don't forget: Band Students MUST go to Mr. Tillman's website for lessons and instructions.
7)  Visit Related Arts Teachers websites for great resources and ideas.
What if your child does not have internet access or if you need to access something from the building:
1)  Notify Ms. Rose, (865) 376-9281 or (865) 250-3383. Learning materials will be provided to students that do not have internet access. If you are utilizing the school meals pick up, you can obtain the materials during this time, 9:00 - Noon, daily. Ms. Rose will be at Cherokee Middle School daily from 9:00 - Noon. 
If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email, Elizabeth Rose, 
Sending Prayers to you all, much love, and stay well. I look forward to seeing you soon!
Ms. Elizabeth Rose
Principal, Cherokee Middle School
Parents and Students,
Welcome to Cherokee Middle School where our priority is to create a positive learning environment where all students are learning today so they may lead tomorrow. The vision of Cherokee Middle School is to provide a community of academic achievement and a learning environment dedicated to teaching students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens. 
One of our priority goals at CMS is to help your child feel successful and achieve academic excellence. By working together as parents and educators, we can build a foundation of lifelong learning. 
Let's keep the lines of communication open between administration, parents, teachers and students as we all work together keeping the most important thing in mind and that is your child... at CMS it is our goal to put students first.
Regularly check your child's agenda and grades on ParentVue to keep up with their grades. Check the CMS website for important events and reminders and view your child's teachers websites weekly. Through the teacher websites you will be able to see when your child has homework, assignments due, tests to study for, etc. 
We welcome your support and participation during the school year. We look forward to celebrating with you your child's successes and academic achievement!
Elizabeth Rose
Cherokee Middle School

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