The Tremont trip is still on!  Please refer to the Cherokee Middle School Facebook page to see further updates.  



Dear Parents,




The Tremont trip is right around the corner! The following is a list of information that you need to know about the trip.




·        We will leave CMS at 8:30 A.M. on Tuesday, January 10, 2017.


·        You need to have your child at the school at 8:00 AM. They will NOT be allowed to ride the bus to school on Monday because of their luggage.  


·        Medicines will need to be in their original bottle/container and placed in a plastic baggie with your child’s name written on the bag. Inside, please include a piece of paper with detailed instructions on how to administer the medicine(s) i.e. dosage, how many times a day, what time of day, etc. These medicines will be sent home with your child the day that we return from Tremont. (Inhalers will be kept in the students backpack at all times).


·        The students will report to the front office door area when they arrive to drop off their bags in the library and check in their medications. Once this is done, students will report to the band room to wait for the loading of buses.


·        Please have only one suitcase with clothing, one backpack for hiking, and one sleeping bag/bedding/pillow. Please put your sleeping bag/bedding/pillow in a large garbage bag and write your child’s name on it so that they do not get dirty during transport.


·        Please be here at CMS at 2:30 on Friday, January 13th to pick up your child in the regular car rider pick up line. Please DO NOT park in the bus loop in front of the school as the busses will end up there. The luggage will arrive about 10 to 20 minutes before the students do and will be unloaded in the front overhang of the school. Please be there in enough time to get your child’s luggage before they arrive so that dismissal is quick and efficient before buses begin arriving for normal school dismissal. Students will NOT be allowed to ride the bus home from school on Friday because of their luggage.


·        Any lost and found items from the bus or dorm will be held for one week, and then they will be donated to Goodwill. Girls’ items will be in Mrs. Hadden’s room and Boys’ items will be kept in Mr. Pickrell’s room.


·        Please DO NOT allow your child to bring ANY food or candy on this trip. Food will bring unwanted critters to the Tremont dorms. There will be plenty of food served during meal times and also snack time before bed.


·        There will be NO parent visitors at any time to Tremont. Due to safety concerns, Tremont does not allow any unapproved individuals onto campus once we arrive.




For any further questions, feel free to email me at



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___Linens/Sleeping Bag - sheets and blankets or sleeping bag, pillowcase, and pillow. (Put these in a garbage bag with your name labeled on the outside with tape and permanent marker)

___Flip flops for use in the shower

___Toiletries - (soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, etc.)

___Towel and Washcloth (2) BATHING IS A REQUIREMENT AT TREMONT!!!

___Girls - ponytail holders and feminine products.

___Pants for each day. It will be cool in the day and cold at night. Fleece would be good!

___Long Underwear/Long John's or thermals

___2 shirts per day (10)

___Warm Coat, Hat, and Gloves (Don’t bring anything you don’t want to get dirty)

___2 pairs of socks for each day (10)

___1-2 pairs of pajamas

___2 pair of underwear for each day (10)

___2 pairs of shoes (sneakers for play and boots/shoes for hiking)

___Waterproof boots or shoes for rainy days. (No plastic rain boots)

___Backpack - We will carry our raingear, water bottles, journals, extra clothes daily and sometimes our lunches, we prefer backpacks with padded strap not rope.

___Raingear (Good rain suits, pants and jackets, can be found at Gander Mountain or Academy Sports for $10)

___ 1-2 Large water bottles for hikes, at least 24oz.!! You must have this to stay hydrated.

___At least 2 pens or mechanical pencils

___Garbage bag for dirty clothes

___ Chap Stick, sunglasses/hat


___Camera ___Flashlight ___Hot Hands


Portable video game systems, iPods or mp3s, cell phones – there is no service up there anyway

Snacks, gum, candy, drinks, electronics, slick-soled shoes, “good” clothes, or other expensive belongings