8th Grade Supply List for 2016-17
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Dear Parents of Rising 8th Graders

While we are definitely ready for summer to begin (and we’re sure you are, too!), we are also very excited about the upcoming school year.  We have already begun planning some of the wonderful lessons and experiences your students will enjoy.  We would like to help you prepare for next year, also.  The tax exempt weekend in Tennessee will be August 5-7 this year.  Since this falls before we return to school in August, we are providing a list of the supplies your child will need for the upcoming school year.  Specific projects throughout the year may require additional supplies such as poster board and art supplies.   We will be sure to give you at least a week’s notice when these supplies are needed.   Also, if you are able to send in additional supplies for students who may not have them, it would be greatly appreciated.


Enjoy your summer!  We look forward to meeting both you and your child upon our return to Cherokee on Wednesday, August 10th



Your 8th grade teachers


1)   To help with organization, each student should have a large binder with dividers for each subject to carry between classes. 


2)   We recommend you buy large amounts of the following supplies as they are used throughout the year in ALL classes and students need them each day in each class.

·         Pencils

·         Cap erasers

·         Blue or black pens

·         Highlighters in multiple colors

·         Loose leaf paper

·         Glue sticks

·         Colored pencils

·         Thin tipped magic markers

·         3x5 white notecards

·         White out tape

1)   The following supplies are needed for each individual class:


·         $5 for notebook & writing fees


·         $8 for lab fees

·         1 inch binder


·         1 composition book (must have 100 pages!)

MA- Pre-Algebra

·         1 5-subject notebook

·         TI-30 XS calculator

·         Graph paper

MA- Algebra I

·         All supplies above EXCEPT the calculator should be a TI-84


Additional Information:

What are we going to learn in 8th grade?

·        Social Studies:  US History from early American culture to the Westward Expansion of the late 1800’s.

·        Science:  Information about the world around you and chemistry with lots of fascinating experiments.

·        Math:  You’ll continue work with solving and graphing equations, plus you’ll learn about angles and the Pythagorean Theorem.

·        Language Arts:  How to read deeply and write well.  You will even be creatively crafting your own text book!


Will there be a lot of homework?

Yes!  Tennessee standards require students learn specific skills and how to apply them in the 8th grade.  Your homework will often consist of practicing these skills to become a better student.  You wouldn’t try out for a team without practicing and that’s what homework is for, PRACTICE!


Will I like my teachers?

            We certainly hope so!  We’ve already heard lots of great things about YOU and are excited to meet you!


You may send one check payable to CMS to cover all fees:


Total for NON-band students:  $33 (includes homeroom fee of $20)

Total for BAND students: $48 (includes homeroom fee of $20 and band fee of $15)


Teachers also need the following supplies for the classroom.  Please send in any you can to your child’s homeroom teacher during the first week of school. 

·       Hand sanitizer

·       Glue sticks

·       Paper towels

·       Kleenex

·       Clorox wipes or baby wipes



Hello Rising 8th Graders!


Becoming a life-long learner often depends on how well you read.  Because of this, building reading skills will be a primary focus for you in the 8th grade.  Research also shows that students who read books over the summer maintain and improve their reading skills.  In support of this, you will be completing a Summer Reading assignment.  The book you choose should be one that interests you and is WITHIN your ZPD range based on your last STAR test in May.  Please use 

the website www.arbookfind.com to assure your book is within your ZPD.  This should be a book you have NOT read before. 


You must fill out the graphic organizer on the back of this sheet before you return to school.  We will use your notes to write about your book within the first few weeks.  Graphic organizers WILL be checked the first week of school so don’t wait until the last minute to do this! 


Please be aware, if you choose not to read a book over the summer, a book will be chosen for you when you come back to school and you will complete all the work then.


Your 8th grade Language Arts teachers are very excited about getting to know you and learning more about what types of books you enjoy reading! 


Happy Reading!


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