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Class Lessons and Due Dates


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Suggestions for Success

The opportunity for student success can be maximized through the following activities.  Please consider implementing some or all of the following!
  1. Review the notes in your Interactive Notebook for 15 minutes every night.
  2. Take a picture of the agenda every day and send it to a parent/guardian.
  3. If you miss a question on a worksheet, look it up so you have the correct answer.
  4. Review the Standards Quizzes --- questions will spiral ALL YEAR!
  5. Come to Breakfast Club --- Monday-Friday @ 8:05 if:
          *you are absent
          *you don't understand a concept
          *you have a question about why you got something wrong

Advanced ELA

Students in Advanced ELA (1st Core) will need to purchase a copy of Charles Dickens' novella "A Christmas Carol" over Thanksgiving Break if they haven't already. is a great resource!  The novella can be purchased for under $5.