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Jennifer Mynatt » 8th Grade science

8th Grade science

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For the week of November 5th
Monday- Properties of waves
Tuesday- No school
Wednesday- Filed trip
Thursday- Wave interactions / Vocabulary quiz
Friday- Wave interactions/ Drawings due
For the week of September 17th
Monday- Study guide
Tuesday- Newton's laws test
Wednesday- Begin lesson on electricity
Thursday- Electrical forces
Friday- Vocabulary quiz
For the week of September 10th 
Monday: Gravity and Friction notes
Tuesday: Newton's laws
Wednesday : Vocabulary quiz
Thursday: Newton's Laws escape room activity
Friday: Newton's Laws review
 For the week of August 27th
Monday: Interpreting and creating line, circle and bar graphs
Tuesday: Determining distance and displacement
Wednesday: Motion vocabulary quiz/ Showing displacement on the ball field
Thursday: determining the difference in speed and velocity
Friday: Students will compare their speed and velocity and creat graphs to show it
For the Week of August 20th:
Monday: Determining Cause and Effect with the Independent and     Dependent Variables
Tuesday:   Case Study: applying the parts of the Scientific Method
Wednesday: Branches of Science and Nature of Science Chapter       Review
Thursday Nature of Science Chapter Test
Friday:    Skills Practice:   Bar, Line and Circle Graphs
For the Week of August 13
Monday: Vocabulary and books assigned
Tuesday: Lesson 1 intro/Scientific method
Wednesday: lesson 1 continued/Scientific method
Thursday : Section 3/Engineering design Vocabulary quiz
Friday : Move to stand presentation