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Cherokee Middle School

8th Grade science

science banner
Due to an increasing number of requests for make up work I will be putting all assignments on Google classroom for students that may be absent. Please know that assignments may be posted a day behind student work in class.
Week of September 20th
Monday- Review for test Tuesday
Tuesday- Electricity test
Wednesday - position and motion
Thursday- Speed and velocity
Friday- acceleration/ Vocabulary quiz
Week of September 13th
Monday- Lesson 2 electricity
Tuesday- Finish lesson 2
Wednesday- Lesson 3/ Vocabulary quiz
Thursday- Study guide
Friday - Study guide and review for test on Tuesday
Week of September 6th
Monday- Labor day- No school
Tuesday- Review study guide / Kahoot game
Wednesday- Magnets test
Thursday- Lesson 1 electricity PICTURE DAY
Friday- Flocabulary lesson on electricity
Week of August 30th
Monday- Review lesson 2
Tuesday- electromagnetic task
Wednesday- Magnets lesson 3
Thursday- Study guide for test Wednesday
Friday- Magnet lab
Week of August 23rd
Monday- Open book test over the nature of science
Tuesday- Introduction to magnets
Wednesday- Bill Nye magnets/ Quizlet review
Thursday- making magnets with electricity/ Vocabulary quiz
Friday- Basics of an electric circuit
Week of August 14th
Monday- Students will join Google classroom
Tuesday-Nature of science Lesson one
Wednesday- Nature of Science lesson two/ Vocabulary quiz
Thursday- Nature of Science lesson three
Friday- Open book test
Week of August 9th
Monday- Students will make "I am a Scientist Drawings"
Tuesday- Students will learn to decipher the meaning of scientific words using the root, prefix and suffix
Wednesday- Students watch a Bill Nye on scientific measurements
Thursday- Workbooks and textbooks will be given out and students will be asked to familiarize themselves with the layout
Friday- Students will learn the parts of a controlled experiment and the correct vocabulary to go with it.