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Cherokee Middle School

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I am originally from Maynardville, TN. I went back there to teach in my hometown for my first five years because I wanted to be close to my parents. I moved to Knox County when I was 30 because I thought teaching in a large county would be fun and it was for awhile. I got married for the first time New Year's Eve 2013. Along with a husband, Tim, I also gained two grown step sons. Wil played baseball for the University of South Carolina and was recently drafted by the Washington Nationals and Ryan is married, lives in Florida and works as a trainer while competing in crossfit. I grew up going to the lake all summer, so I was thrilled to finally get my own boat. Meeka loves to go too. I have one sister and one nephew and one great nephew. These are some of my favorite random things: Cheetos, Cheez Its, Mt. Dew, Snoopy, The Wizard of Oz, Wicked, anything written by Stephen King, country music new and old, watches, turtles, Wonder Woman, and cool tennis shoes. I am so happy to be at Cherokee Middle! So far, I love everything about it! I look forward to getting to know all the students and having a fun, productive year. I don't really know what all I was supposed to include in this bio, so I apologize if it is a little off the wall.


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Students will have two class periods to work on their yoga sequence with their group. The sequence will be presented on their next PE day.
This will count toward their midterm grade in PE.

Mile run and exercise assessments

Assessments for these skills will begin the week before Fall Break. 
Students will be expected to do:
5 push ups
10 crunches
hold a high plank for 30 seconds
run a mile without walking