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Welcome Back!

  • Banker Social Studies - Quiz Monday, Jan 7, over China Vocab list 1, Map 1 & 2
  • Barding & Orick LA - Study Island Summarizing: due next Thursday, Jan. 10. Students need to get at least a 70%. This means they can do sessions over until they get that score.
  • Barding & Orick LA - Summarizing Assessment Thursday, Jan 10 in class
  • Barding & Orick LA - Novel Packet: We are reading the novel Freak the Mighty, and students have a packet of notes that they need to keep track of. This packet will have the notes for the whole book. Studying it will help be prepared for class.
  • All Language Arts - Reading Calendar for January:  Students must read a certain number of days through the week for a certain amount of time. Boxes must be initialed and completed as the month goes. This is a great way for students to help themselves with their grades!
  • Chromebooks - Please remind your student to keep their Chromebooks charged. If there are any problems with the Chromebook, the student needs to talk to his/her homeroom teacher.
  • iReady testing - Next week begins our winter iReady assessments. These are done on the computer (Chromebooks need to be charged.) and helps teachers see how students are doing and how we can help them. Please talk with your student as to the importance of doing their very best on these assessments. 
  • Science - 10 question quiz returns next Friday, Jan 11. Our new topic is Invasive Species (students have notes they can study) and will be on the quiz. However, material from the first semester could also pop up! Studying previous quizzes and notes will help so much!
  • Brown & Scandlyn Math - Morning Math is back. Morning Math is a page with about 10-20 questions to be completed within several days. Students have time at the beginning of class to work on it. The problems are all review. Students can use their notebooks to help them. This is an assignment that can greatly help students' grades. But they have to take the time to do it well and show all their work. 
  • Brown & Scandlyn Math - Quiz Wednesday, Jan 9 over equivalent expressions. Study vocab, notes...
  • Brown & Scandlyn Math - Remember that quiz grades can improve with the completion of error analysis papers. These papers can be gotten in the classroom. Students do the missed problems correctly and get a parent signature. These are usually due a week after receiving the corrected quizzes. Not many students took advantage of this last semester!
  • Tutoring - I am available most mornings for students to come in and ask for help on problems, notes, to study or do extra practice. Math tutoring is also available Tuesday and Thursday during lunch.

Week of Oct 29

  • Barding/Orick Language Arts - Test Wednesday over Theme on Study Island - The practice is still open to review tonight.
  • Brown/Scandlyn Math - Quiz over Ratios Wednesday - study notes
  • Language Arts - Reading Calendar Due Thursday, November 1 - If students have not completed the calendar, they will be in at lunch reading to get a grade.
  • Brown/Scandlyn Math - Morning Math due Friday - Tutoring available to ask for help
  • Science - 10 question quiz Friday - Study notes on Biomes, is a great place for review information as well as past quizzes
  • Banker Social Studies - Vocab and map quiz Friday

  • Brown Math - Quiz over coordinate plane Monday
  • Banker Social Studies - Quiz Monday over vocab lists 2 & 3 - use Quizlet and notes to study
  • Barding & Orick ELA - Test over "The Bracelet" Tuesday
  • Presley & Shell Science - 10 question quizzes Fridays - Study all notes
  • Reading Calendar - Keep up!!! Students can't go back and fill in boxes. They need to complete the boxes as they read. These will be due November 1, which isn't too far away.

Week of 9/24

  • Practice keyboarding - All students have access to a keyboarding program, even at home. They should be practicing correct finger placement on the keys, eventually working to the point of not having to look at the keys when they type. 
  • Barding/Orick Language Arts - Figurative Language test on Study Island tomorrow
  • Barding/Orick Language Arts - Helping Verbs are due Thursday. They must be memorized in the correct order.
  • Barding/Orick Language Arts - Grammar Quiz Friday (correcting sentences, capitalization, homophones, correct verb tense)
  • Pickrell/Banker Social Studies - 9 week test this Friday! Study notes, vocab, maps...
  • Brown/Scandlyn Math - Fraction Baking project due October 3. Students brought home a description and rubric. 
  • Brown/Scandlyn Math - Students should be studying vocab and going over the study guide to prepare for the 9 week test next week. 
  • Barding/Orick Language Arts - Study Island is a way for students to practice outside of class as well as inside with group sessions. Study Island will be assigned periodically as a homework assignment. This time, students had 5 days to do the practice. Some students chose not to do the practice. This resulted in a strike. If wi-fi is a problem, students may come into a teacher's room (usually mine is available) in the morning to complete their assignment.
  • Shell/Presley Science - 10 question Quiz on Friday - Anything learned so far is fair game!
  • Study for 9 week tests. Use any study guides the teachers have given out. Go back over notes, tests, quizzes, vocabulary. Students know how to get to Quizlet to study terms. 

Week of 9/17/18

  • Banker Social Studies - vocabulary list 1 quiz THURS (Quizlet is a great place to do some studying. Students know how to get there on their Chromebooks.)
  • Science (Shell & Presley) - 10 question quizzes - usually on Fridays - These quizzes are 10 questions and can be over anything that the students have learned so far in Science. Reviewing notes is a good way to keep up and be ready!
  • Scandlyn & Brown Math - Quiz over integers FRI
  • Scandlyn & Brown Math - Error Analysis - These green papers are to be completed when a quiz grade is below passing or when a student wants to improve his/her grade. They are to be completed (correct answer and work) with parent signature and turned in the following Friday. 
  • Tremont - Students received (and went over) the form and information about the Tremont trip. The form and money (either full payment or 1st installment) is due September 26 in an envelope.
  • Picture money is due this Friday, Sept 21
  • Barding & Orick LA - READING CALENDARS - these are due October 1. I have already seen several that are missing days. Students are to read at least 5 days a week for at least 15 minutes each day. The calendar must be completed with parent initials in each box for the dates read. This should be a way to get a good grade easily.
  • Continue to check teacher websites and student agendas for assignments and what to study.

Week of Aug 27

  • Brown & Scandlyn math - Quiz WED over adding/subtracting decimals
  • Banker Social Studies - Unit test WED
  • Barding & Orick ELA - "Just Once" test Thurs - study notes and vocab
  • Science - Quiz over EDP late this week, early next week
  • Brown & Scandlyn math - Quiz FRI over multiplying/dividing decimals
  • FRIDAY - Sock Hop dance from 3:30-5:00, cost is $5
  • Fundraiser due Sept 4

Upcoming Tests

Language Arts test over "Dragon, Dragon" - Tuesday
Math quiz over division - Wednesday