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Week of Feb 10

  • ELA - AR - Please check in with your child to be sure he/she is reading an AR book (on his/her level) and getting ready for that next AR test. Remember that 2 tests are required before the end of the nine weeks (which is coming soon).
  • ELA - Freak the Mighty novel notes - Students are responsible for being sure their notes are complete, even if they are absent. Remember that the chapters are read aloud and can be found on YouTube. (I sent the link in a previous email.) Students can also come to tutoring in the morning to work on them.
  • Math - Morning math from last week is due TOMORROW! Also, students need to be studying their notes - all of them, in chunks - during their nightly study time. 
  • Social Studies (Begley) - Vocab test tomorrow and Unit test over Greece on Thursday
  • Social Studies (Pickrell) - Unit test over Greece on Thursday
  • Science - 20? quiz Wednesday over energy and the types of energy
  • Science - Students are also responsible for working on their Words to Know boxes (WTK)
  • Multiplication facts - These are so important!! There are apps and other online games that practice math facts that make it a little more fun. Again, just 10 minutes each night will make a huge difference!
  • Tutoring and Corrections - What a combination! Doing these two things consistently will help students' grades. They get out of it what they put into it. Effort is really important.
I know it's a lot, but if students will work at least 10-15 minutes each night on each subject, it won't seem like as much. Even just a little study time will help. 

Week of Jan 27

By now, I'm sure you know we are out for the rest of the week due to illness. However, there are still several things you need to be aware of and make sure your child is aware of too.
  • ELA - Freak the Mighty notes packets need to be caught up. Remember that chapters can be listened to on YouTube which is a great help if students have been absent.
  • ELA - Study Island test on Monday over Summarizing (Students can practice by doing questions on Study Island homework for summarizing)
  • Math - Morning Math is due Monday - students need to give their best effort and use their math notebooks
  • Math - Quiz Tuesday over percents. Students can study their notebooks and other notes
  • AR - Students should have completed at least one AR test over a book on their level by Monday. I have talked to students, so they should know who they are. They should be reading. If they need to take that 1st test, they should be read to do that on Monday when they get here.
  • Social Studies - I'm sure there is a quiz coming soon!! Students should be reviewing vocabulary and other notes.
  • Remember that studying just 10-15 minutes for each subject, each night will be a huge help for students when it comes to class discussions, classwork and assessments.
  • Please remind students how to stay healthy: cover coughs and sneezes, use hand sanitizer, clean backpacks and phones, don't share items...

Freak the Mighty Audio

We are reading the novel Freak the Mighty in Language Arts. Students do not have a copy of the book to take home, but they can listen to the chapters on YouTube by searching "Freak the Mighty audio". 
Link for the whole book audio - image changes for the chapter number as you forward through.

Welcome Back! Week of Jan 7

We are starting back to school in a big way this week! Please review appropriate study habits and responsibilities for school with your student.
  • iReady Testing - Math: Tuesday & Wednesday; Language Arts: Thursday & Friday (I will try to get with students this week and talk about goals.)
  • AR books - The first AR test is due Jan. 31. Students need to be sure to have an AR book, read it and pass the AR test on that book by the end of the month. (The students did the math today and it's 24 days away!)
  • Social Studies - China test FRIDAY (notes and vocab are in the notebooks)
  • Study Island - Summarizing Homework due next Tuesday, Jan 14 with the test on Jan 15
  • Math - Inequalities quiz next Tuesday, Jan 14. We will start this skill on Thursday (Reviewing solving one-step equations will be a huge help to this!)
  • No morning math this week, but will resume next week.
  • Morning tutoring - I have bus duty this week, but students are welcome to go see Mrs. Brown with any questions or to just work

Week of Dec 9 - 9 week tests!

  • Tuesday - Math 9 weeks test - Review packet and notebook
  • Wednesday - Language Arts 9 weeks test - reread "All American Slurp" from a couple of weeks ago, review figurative language
  • Thursday - Science 9 weeks test - review all notes and quizzes from the semester
  • AR - students should have 2 AR tests done by next week. If a grade isn't passing, they should be reading another book and take another test to replace the low grade

Week of Nov 18

  • ELA - Study Island Brown Deer due Wed, Purple Bird due Thursday. Students should be completing multiple sessions to practice for the test.
  • ELA - Both pods will have a test on Study Island over context clues.
  • Math - Quiz over equivalent expressions Wed.
  • Math - Morning Math due Friday. 
  • Corrections - Many students have papers that can be corrected for an improved grade. Very few students are actually taking advantage of this. It is an opportunity to make corrections, learn from mistakes and get a better grade on the assignment/test.
  • Tutoring - Every morning with me (except when I am on bus duty) and Tues/Thurs with math teachers during lunch.
  • Science - 10? quiz on Friday
  • Begley SS - Test over India Monday, Nov 25
Here are a couple of links for study strategies you might find interesting:

Week of Nov 4

There is a lot of remember and a lot going on in school. Please be active in your child's education by helping them remember what they need to do to be prepared. 
  • ELA - Study Island due Wednesday. It was assigned last week; students had all weekend to work on it and almost no one did at all. This is very disappointing. There will be a Study Island test over Theme on Thursday.
  • Math - Morning Math due Friday - as always. Students can get a better grade by asking for it to be checked (many don't even when reminded daily). Students can use their math notebook to help them remember how to do the problems. You can even check a lot of them and let your child know if the answer is correct or needs work.
  • Science - 10 question quiz Friday - over the biomes that have been studied so far. Students have notes in their binders that can be studied, and you can quiz them over the information.
  • Social Studies - Test Friday over Ancient Israel. Students have an entire section in their notebooks with information to study: vocab, maps, notes...
  • ELA - AR book test #1 due November 11 (that's next Monday). 
  • Article about helping students with homework, studying, etc. 
  • Our next Parent PREP workshop is November 12 from 5:30-6:30. We will be talking about studying.
Thank you!

Week of 10/21/19

  • Math - Quiz over Ratios Thursday
  • Math - Morning math due Friday - Students can ask me to check their work throughout the week. Morning math is a review of skills and grades should be at least passing!
  • Begley Social Studies - Quiz Tuesday over Egypt vocab
  • Pickrell Social Studies - Quiz Wednesday over Egypt vocab and timeline
  • ELA - Study Island homework due Thursday - This is best done by working on it a little each night, just like the rest of the studying
  • ELA - test over the story "The Bracelet" on Thursday
  • ELA - Study Island Test over capitalization Friday​
  • Science - 10 question quiz over Biomes - Students will get notes they can study
  • ELA - AR Book Test #1 due Nov 11. Students need to be reading an AR book so that they can do well on the tests.
  • Corrections - Students who get a low grade on a morning math or assessment usually have the option to make corrections. Unfortunately, not very many students are taking advantage of this and their grades for the first nine weeks, especially in math, are quite low. 
  • Tutoring - This is always an option in the morning starting at 7:45 with either me or Mrs. Brown (when I have bus duty).  

Week of Oct 7

  • CORRECTIONS - Any corrections on corrected work needs to be done and turned back to me by Friday.
  • AR Tests - All students should have their AR tests done by Friday. Many students do not have a passing grade.
  • 9 week tests - Students have study guides for ELA, Math and Science. Math is Wed, ELA is Thurs, and Science is Fri. Please look over these study guides and quiz your child. Look over past notes and quizzes.
  • ELA - Missing May: Notes will be due on Wednesday. The packet is to be completed unless a teacher has told students they don't need to finish a page. There will be a test over the book on Wednesday.
  • SWARM - This celebration is tomorrow during the day. Students who have a referral or have multiple absences will not be allowed to participate. 
  • Community Celebration - Tuesday, Oct 8, from 5-7 at CMS. There will be inflatables, vendors in the gym, food to purchase, book fair and much more!!

Week of Sept 30

  • ELA - Missing May note packet due next week - must be complete. Students can borrow a book to finish or come in the mornings
  • ELA - Helping verbs - memorize the list by Friday (lists were given early last week)
  • Math - Morning math assignment - Check it over, have students make corrections, have them ask for help - These grades should be helpful!
  • Science - Words to Know (WTK) 4 squares are due by the end of the nine weeks. Students have been told how many they need to finish and have this as a document on their chromebooks
  • Earbuds - students should have a pair of earbuds in their Chromebooks case at all times
  • Typing - students have a certain amount of time they are to be practicing typing through the week. They need to work on this in the mornings or at home. Focus time needs to be used to ask questions about homework and review and practice
  • 9 week tests: Friday 10/4 - Social Studies; Wed 10/9 - Math; Thurs 10/10 - ELA; Fri 10/11 Science
  • Studying - Read over notes, quiz over notes, do practice online, use Quizlet... the more the information is studied, the better students will remember it!
  • Tutoring - mornings with me, Tues/Thurs at lunch with math teachers

Coming Up (9/20/2019)

  • ELA - Study Island assignment due Monday - Students need to get 70% or higher to complete this assignment. They know how to access it and can take it as many times as it takes in order to get that 70%. **Students who get 50% or below will be taken to a Building Block level that they need to pass before going back to the original assignment and doing again for 70%.
  • ELA - AR book/test - Students need to have read and taken 1-2 tests on AR before the end of the nine weeks - that's only 3 weeks away!! Books should be on their level (written in their agendas) to be the most successful. Remember that AR tests can only be taken during school hours. Students can come into my room in the mornings or work on it during focus or even at lunch if needed.
  • Math - Morning math: Students need to complete all assigned problems on morning math. Students can ask for help and you are welcome to check problems and let them know if they need to redo them. These are review skills and students also have notes on some of them in their math notebook. Khan Academy is also a great tool for helping with these tough skills.
  • Checking in - Please check teacher websites and student agendas to keep up with what is going on. 
  • Snack Cart - Fridays during Focus Friday, students who do not have a strike or missing work may buy candy from the Snack Cart while they are outside. Students who are in because of a strike or missing work will not be allowed to buy anything. This may be a great incentive for students and a point of discussion with your child.

Week of Sept 9

  • Midterms come home today - Please remember that these aren't the final grades for the nine weeks. Students still have four weeks to work to bring these up. 
  • Corrections - Students have the opportunity to make corrections on many assignments and assessments. Many students are not taking advantage of this and have low grades still in the gradebook.
  • Tutoring - I am available mornings as soon as students get here in the morning. Students can come in and work on homework, ask questions or work on AR tests.
  • Studying - 10 minutes each class, each night - This is all it takes to raise grades. Students need to hear and read material several times to learn it and hold onto it.
  • Wednesday - LA test over "All Summer in a Day" AND Math quiz over GCF/LCM
  • Friday - Begley quiz over Mesopotamia Vocab List 2 AND Science 10? Quiz
  • Math - Friday, Morning Math due! This can be checked and home for the student to correct. These are review skills.

Week of Sept 2

  • Math - quiz Thursday over multiplying/dividing decimals
  • Math - Morning Math due Friday
  • ELA - AR Book Tests: Students are to have taken 2 tests by the end of each 9 weeks. Check to see if your child's book is an AR book. Students can only take tests before school, during lunch, or in focus.  Student reading levels are written in their agendas. Most students have used this before and are familiar with it. 
  • Begley SS - Quiz Friday over Vocab list 1 and map
  • Binder Organization - Please check over your student's binder and help them organize their papers. All papers for each subject should be in the right folder. Each student should have a black HOME folder. Look there for homework and other papers you need to see.
  • Continue to check teacher websites to see what is going on and stay in the loop!

Week of Aug 26

  • Math - Quiz corrections are an option to help with low grades!! Students must complete a green sheet (see the back of the math notebook for help) and get a parent signature and turn it in with the original quiz. Students have a week to complete corrections.
  • ELA - Students should have an AR novel by now. Teachers have talked about it and students have had time in the library to choose a book. Remember that two AR tests must be completed by the end of each nine weeks.
  • ELA - QUIZ tomorrow over "Just Once". Students have some homework tonight and should review vocabulary and the story to be prepared.
  • Math - Addition & Subtraction decimal quiz Thursday. Notes and examples are in the notebook.
  • Pickrell SS - Assignment due Thursday
  • Begley SS - Unit Test over Early Cultures Friday
  • Science - 10 question quiz over EDP Friday
  • Tutoring - each morning with me, Tues/Thurs at lunch with math teachers
  • Studying at home - Try to work with your child for 10 minutes for each subject every night. Keep reviewing!
Thank you!!

Week of Aug 19

  • Morning Math - Students have this as their warm up in math class every day. There are several problems per day. Students should use their warm up time well in class in order to get as much done. The full assignment is due on Fridays. All work must be shown on the page or an attached page. No calculators are allowed.
  • Begley Soc St - Quiz Friday over Early Cultures vocabulary. 
  • Pickrell Soc St - Quiz Friday over Time Periods, notes p3-6
  • Social Studies Vocab - All students have a social studies notebook. They are to have this for class each day. The vocabulary pages are designed to fold in half to use as flash cards. As with anything to be learned, students should study about 10 minutes each night.
  • Math - Quiz Friday over division. Students have math notebooks which need to be in class every day. They should be kept in student binders so that they have them at all times. Students should take about 10 minutes each night to review notes.
  • Language Arts - Students will be required to take 2 AR reading tests per nine weeks. Students should read books on their level. 
  • Tutoring - I am available each morning in Room 102 as students come in the building. They may eat breakfast first, then come to my room.
  • Binders - Binders need to be organized. Each folder needs to have the correct class papers in it. Agenda, math notebook, red pens, highlighter, and pencil should all be in the binder for each class. Take some time each week to help your student organize his/her binder.
  • Chromebooks - Students have their Chromebooks. If paperwork has been completed and turned in, students may take them home. It is the student's responsibility to be sure his/her Chromebook is charged at home for the next day. They need to take care of them, put them in a safe place and follow the rules.
  • Agendas - Agendas are to be filled out by the student and signed in the evening by the parent. Consequence for not filling out agendas consistently will be a strike. Students whose agendas are not signed will be assigned silent lunch. Talk with your student about finding a place to put the agenda so it can be signed.
  • Teacher Websites - Be sure to check websites to be up to date about what your child is doing in her/his classes. Between the agenda and websites, you should have no problem knowing what to work on at night.
  • Studying - Try to work with your student to do some type of studying for 10 minutes, each class, each night. This is a good way to refresh and review material. Sometimes there will be homework that takes longer, but spending 40 min to 1 hour is a small time compared to not doing anything and not being prepared. Studying can be reading and quizzing over notes, finding review or practice work online or just talking about material.