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Joel Tillman » Honor Band and CHECKOFF Information

Honor Band and CHECKOFF Information


Students may see by their check off sheets if they are eligible for Honor Band this year.  A 7th or 8th grade student will need to have A's in all captions to be considered for this group.  They will be receiving an after school rehearsal schedule for this activity.  Please understand that students do no rehearse everyday, but that they are on a 3-5 day rotation.  Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion all rehearse on different days with the last 3-4 rehearsals will be with everyone.  We hope to take this group to the Elementary Schools in the Spring for a recruitment "tour". 



These are extremely important for 7th and 8th grade.  Please remember that 3 requirements need to be performed for each grading term (3 for midterms, 3 more for first 9 week Final for a total of 6, etc.) The bandroom is open from 7:45 until 8:10 daily for hearings.  If students are prepared, I can hear them right before class on their "Hearing Days".  Additionally, 6th grade will be having checkoff requirements beginning in the second semester this year.  We will assign them these requirements in class.

Please continue to stay vigilant with your child on these, parents.  This is the the most thorough and efficient way to develop on one's instrument and raise the level of performance for a band program.  Thanks!