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Cherokee Middle School

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General Information

6th grade Band Parents:  Please wait until your child brings home some information regarding the ins and outs of Band before you begin securing materials and equipment for band class.  We will send home specific information and suggestions for securing materials and success for your child.  Thanks for your patience with this!  We look forward to working with your child this year.

 With regard to the subject of Check-Offs for 7th and 8th grade, your student should have access to this hard copy of their grades so that you may peruse this daily if you wish.  I use this sheet so that there should be no surprises at the end of a grading period.  Please take random checks of these sheets and help us in this endeavor.  Students have been drastically improving because of these sheets!  Please be aware that the completion of the required amount of these are huge for your child's grade in the class.  Generally speaking, students should have 3 completed each grading period.  A student cannot remain in the band program with 2 consecutive failing grades for their final average (not midterm).   Thanks!



7th and 8th Parents:  Please be vigilant for a few things throughout the year.  1.  That you child has the proper band book (6th-RED, 7th-BLUE, and 8th GREEN) and that your child has a checkoff sheet with 3 grades per midterm and 3 more for each final for a total of 6 per semester.  Thanks for your help with this.  


6th Grade Parents:  When we begin securing equipment for your student, music stands are a vital piece of equipment for practice.  Please be aware that we are not trying to pad Rush's Music Store's pocket; we just want your child to be successful and they need to know and practice how to align themselves and instrument to a music stand.  If they are not practicing with a stand at home, we have to start over every day and re-align those students, which takes away from the others and although I'm sure unintentional, undermines the integrity of everything we are trying to accomplish here.    It may not seem so, but it is hard enough to get things going the proper direction as it is...especially at the beginning.  Please trust us on this issue.  We can't do our job fully, if we have individuals pick and choose what is "best" based on saving $15.00. If it's truly a financial issue, please contact us and we can do all we can to assist.  We are trying to make sure you get a return on your investment; that can only do that with your trust and cooperation.  Thanks.