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General Information

6th grade Band Parents:  Please wait until your child brings home some information regarding the ins and outs of Band before you begin securing materials and equipment for band class.  We will send home specific information and suggestions for securing materials and success for your child.  Thanks for your patience with this!  We look forward to working with your child this year.

 With regard to the subject of Check-Offs for 7th and 8th grade, your student should have access to this hard copy of their grades so that you may peruse this daily if you wish.  I use this sheet so that there should be no surprises at the end of a grading period.  Please take random checks of these sheets and help us in this endeavor.  Students have been drastically improving because of these sheets!  Please be aware that the completion of the required amount of these are huge for your child's grade in the class.  Generally speaking, students should have 3 completed each grading period.  A student cannot remain in the band program with 2 consecutive failing grades for their final average (not midterm).   Thanks!



7th and 8th Parents:  Please be vigilant for a few things throughout the year.  1.  That you child has the proper band book (6th-RED, 7th-BLUE, and 8th GREEN) and that your child has a checkoff sheet with 3 grades per midterm and 3 more for each final for a total of 6 per semester.  Thanks for your help with this.  


6th Grade Parents:  When we begin securing equipment for your student, music stands are a vital piece of equipment for practice.  Please be aware that we are not trying to pad Rush's Music Store's pocket; we just want your child to be successful and they need to know and practice how to align themselves and instrument to a music stand.  If they are not practicing with a stand at home, we have to start over every day and re-align those students, which takes away from the others and although I'm sure unintentional, undermines the integrity of everything we are trying to accomplish here.    It may not seem so, but it is hard enough to get things going the proper direction as it is...especially at the beginning.  Please trust us on this issue.  We can't do our job fully, if we have individuals pick and choose what is "best" based on saving $15.00. If it's truly a financial issue, please contact us and we can do all we can to assist.  We are trying to make sure you get a return on your investment; that can only do that with your trust and cooperation.  Thanks.


Recent Posts

NEW!!! Junior Clinic Auditions

Junior Clinic Auditions are taking place at:
 McMinn County High School. 
2215 Congress Parkway, Athens, Tn 37303.
Saturday, November 17th.
Students have been given their audition time.  These are approximate.  Please plan to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your appointed time so that you can gather yourself and equipment prior to your audition.
There can be no school bus or school transportation for this activity:  Parents/Guardians have to assume all responsibility for safety and by doing so, hold harmless any staff or representative of Roane County Schools in the event of any misfortune.  Directors will be in judging rooms and cannot supervise your child.  
When you are through, you may leave and enjoy the rest of your day.  I will not know official results until the following Monday.   Rarely, but sometimes, there are tabulation issues.  Just know that your efforts will be rewarded later in the year ... even just by auditioning!
Best of Luck to All - JTillman

Jr. Clinic Hearings - One More Thing

Please check the days after school set aside for auditioning for Jr. Clinic.  Plan to at least attend 3 sessions or until your audition sheet says "approved".  Please, please, please do not show up on the last day and expect to have a successful audition. Thanks.


Junior Band Clinic Auditions are fast approaching.  The audition date and location is November 17th at McMinn County High School.  Times TBD.
$10.00 to audition...due by Wednesday, 10/17/18.  Checks payable to CMS Band.
7th and 8th grade may audition for this select group.  Students selected represent schools from all over the Southern area of East Tennessee.  If you audition for and make the band, you get out of school on Friday, December 7th (excused) and prepare a concert to be performed Saturday, December 8th.
Registration for audition is  $10.00, but if you are selected, we will pay your hotel fee and transportation.  Parent(s) should plan to attend the Saturday concert at Cleveland Middle and you will ride home with them afterwards. Students just provide money for meals/snacks, etc.
Below is a schedule of after school help sessions where students must attend at least three to be approved to audition.  This is not a talent show, but rather a  process to the audition and they need to learn how to audition properly to be successful.  


15 til 4:30
16 til 4:30
17 til 4:30
18 til 4:30
19 til 4:30 (and each day after)
31 Approval Day 1
1 Approval Day 2
2 Approval Day 3


We would like to have a short meeting of interested parents on Thursday, September 6. at 6:00 pm in the CMS Band Room. Please come if you are willing and able.  Students have received some paperwork on this should you need any more information.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Private Lessons

Students taking weekly private lessons on their instrument from a professional teacher do better, are more competitive, learn to truly and more readily identify with music and generally are our featured players and band award recipients. 
We strongly urge your child to take privately.  Rush's Music store have great woodwind and brass teachers and we have the good fortune of having Mr. Matt Weyer on staff who also teaches a fantastic percussion studio.  Please consider taking advantage of this for your child...its costs some money and travel time may or may not be an issue for the teacher or you as the parent.  Totally worth it!!! :) Rush's Music Store is on Executive Park Drive off Cedar Bluff Road. 865-531-7689.
If I know a student is taking privately (consistently) I will give them 5-10 extra credit points on their Final each 9 weeks.  Quite a gift.

Junior Band Clinic - 7th and 8th only

Students who audition for the East Tennessee School Band and Orchestra's honor band are not only improving their musicianship, they are hopefully getting to represent CMS for the Southern District of East Tennessee.  Additionally, they are possibly eligible for Band Awards at the end of the year.  Great Opportunity here.  Practice days and schedule/instructions will be forthcoming soon.

Christmas Concert - CMS Bands

The annual Christmas Band Concert for 2018 will be held at Roane County High School, in the gym at 2:00 on DECEMBER 9.  Students are to wear their finest clothing that is appropriate for school and no t-shirts or flip flops are allowed.Students are required to remain for the entire concert as it should last around 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Thank you

Welcome Back to CMS BAND!

This year is starting to shape up and I think many of us are expecting to see great things from the CMS BAND.  With Student interest and the parental moral and financial support, the sky is the limit.  Middle school Band is inherently very special that way.  I look forward to working with your child this year.