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Cherokee Middle School

Patricia Branham » Weekly Assignments 2021 - 2022

Weekly Assignments 2021 - 2022

Week of September 20 to September 25
Monday - Complete notes over Feudal Japan and shoguns.  TTW complete notes using the whiteboard.  Students will write notes from the board.  Students will complete the study guide for a test grade.
Tuesday -
7.15  Identify and locate the geographical features of Southwest Asia and North Africa, including:
          Arabian Peninsula, Arabian Sea, Caspian Sea, Euphrates River, Mecca, Mediterranean Sea, 
          Persian Gulf, Red Sea, and Tigris River.
TTW introduce the geographical locations using a map on the whiteboard.  TTW introduce the vocabulary terms for the unit, Southwest Asia and North Africa.  TSW label and color a map of the geographical locations in the standard.  TSW write a postcard and draw a picture about the Arabian Peninsula.  TSW write the definitions for the vocabulary terms.
Wednesday - TTW use the whiteboard to describe the geography of Southwest Asia and review the students' maps.  TTW assign the students the Guided Reading and quiz for Lesson 1, A New Faith, in the textbook.  Take up Ancient Japan 
7.16  Describe the origins and central features of Islam:  Key Person - Muhammad, Sacred Texts:  The Qur'an and The Sunnah, Basic Beliefs: Monotheism and Five Pillars
Thursday - TTW use the white board and power point to review the geography of Arabian Peninsula.  TTW go over the map with the students.  TTW call on some student volunteer to read the postcard they wrote about traveling through the Arabian Peninsula.  TTW start the power point about Muhammad and the start of the Islam religion.  TSW take notes.  At the end of the class, they will play a review game on the geography of the Arabian Peninsula.
Friday - TTW continue the power point about Muhammad and Islam.  TSW take notes.  At the end of class, the students will go to QuIzizz to take review quiz.
Monday --  TTW have the students play Quizlet Live to review for their vocabulary test.  TTW give the students the test.  After completing the test, TTW go over the Guided Reading with the students.  TSW complete a quiz over the guided reading for a grade.
Tuesday -- 7.10  Describe how the Heian aristocracy contributed to the development of Japanese national 
                  7.11  Analyze the rise of a military society in the late 12th century and the role of the shogun 
                            and samurai in Japanese society.
TTW present a power point with notes for the students.  TSW copy the notes from the power point.  The power point will be over the Heian Period and start of the shoguns.  TSW write a summary paragraph describing the Heian Period and what lead to the start of the shogun.
Wednesday --  TSW create a social pyramid of the Japanese Feudal System.  They describe the role of each group.  They will be given a set of questions using written text to answer questions.  
Thursday --  TSW watch two Ed Puzzles about Feudal Japan and answer the questions.  They will be given a study guide to complete.
Friday --  TTW review the Social Pyramid and Ed Puzzles with the students.  TTW go over the study guide for the Ancient Japan Test.  The test will be on Tuesday, Sept. 21.  TTW will have the students compete and review for the test on Quizizz.
Week of August 30 to September 3
Monday -- Review the Study Guide for TEST on TUESDAY, Aug. 31.
Tuesday -- Ancient China Test
                  After test read an article about the Silk Road trade routes and answer questions.
Wednesday -- Vocabulary for Ancient Japan
                       TTW give the students a copy of the vocabulary terms and go over them.  TSW highlight 
                        key words in each definition.  TSW practice the terms on Quizlet.
                        TTW the map of Asia and introduce indigenous religion of Japan Shintoism.
                        TSW label and color a map of Japan.
Thursday --    7.08 Describe the origins and central features of Shintoism: Key Person - None
                               Sacred Texts - None, Basic Beliefs - localized tradition that focuses on ritual practices
                               that are carried out with discipline to maintain connections with ancient past,
                               animism, and Kami.
                       TTW present a power point about Shintoism.  TSW take notes.  At the end of class, TSW
                        watch an Ed Puzzle about Shintoism and answer questions.
Friday --     7.09  Explain how Japanese culture changed through Chinese and Korean influences
                           (including Buddhism and Confucianism) as shown in the Constitution of Prince Shotoku
                            and the adoption of the Chinese writing system.
                  TSW complete the Guided Reading for Chapter 5 Lesson 2.
                  TSW play Quizlet to review their vocabulary terms.   
Ancient Japan Vocabulary Test on Wednesday, Sept. 11
Week of August 23 to 27
Monday -- The students will read Chapter 4 Lesson 3 about the Mongols.  As they the
lesson, they will complete a Guided Reading worksheet.  After they finish the Guided Reading, they will complete a quiz using the textbook.
Tuesday -- The Teacher will use the white board for a power point about the Mongols.  The students will take notes over the power point.  At the end of the class, the teacher will ask questions about the Mongols.
Wednesday -- The students will read Chapter 4 Lesson 4 about the Ming Dynasty.  As they read the lesson, they will complete a Guided Reading worksheet.  After they finish the Guided Reading, they will complete a quiz using their textbook.
Thursday -- The teacher will use the white board for notes over the Ming Dynasty.  The students will take notes.  The students will complete questions over their notes.
Friday --  The students will complete an activity about the effects of the Mongols on the Silk Road and Zheng He and his voyages.  The students will be given a study guide for Unit Test over China on Tuesday.
August 16 to 20
Monday --  Ancient China Vocabulary---The students will write a definition for each vocabulary term.
7.03 Summarize agricultural, commercial, and technological developments during the Song Dynasties, and describe the role of Confucianism during the Song.
Tuesday -- TTW present a powerpoint about the spread of Buddhism in China and the agricultural, commercial, and technological developments during the Tang and Song dynasties.  The students will take notes.  We will have a class discussion about new inventions and how it effects society.  Complete a quiz from the textbook.
7.04  Examine the rise of the Mongol Empire, including the conquests of Genghis Khan.
Wednesday -- The teacher will use a power point to describe Mongols and Genghis Khan.  The students will use their textbook to create a timeline of 10 events about Ancient China.  Review Ancient China vocabulary using Quizlet Live.
7.05  Describe Kublai Khan's conquest of China, and explain how he was able to maintain control of the Yuan Empire.
Thursday -- The teacher will continue using the power point with students taking notes about Kublai Khan and the Yuan Empire.  The students will write summary paragraph describing Kublai Khan and the Yuan Empire.  
7.06  Summarize the effects of the Mongolian empires on the Silk Roads, including the importance of Marco Polo's travels on the spread of Chinese technology and Eurasian trade.
Friday -- Ancient China Vocabulary Test
August 9 to 13
Monday --  Map of Ancient China - Label the map.
Tuesday -- Label and color a World Map
                   Color a map of China (cover page for Ancient China Unit)
**Quiz on FRIDAY over the map of China
                Standard 7.01  Identify and locate on a map the following geographic locations:
                      China                                             Plateau of Tibet                            
                      Gobi Desert                                    Yangtze River
                      Himalayan Mountains                     Yellow River
                      Pacific Ocean                                  Korean Peninsula
Wednesday-- 7.02  Describe how the reunification of China prior to the Tang Dynasty helped spread 
                                Buddhist beliefs.
                      Review for quiz over the map of China.  Students given a study guide.  Read from the 
                      textbook pages 132-134 and discuss the Sui dynasty and start of the Tang dynasty.
Thursday -- Continue learning about the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties and how Buddhism spread
                     throughout China.  The students will read from the textbook and write 3 facts about each 
                     dynasty.  The students will write a paragraph explaining how Buddhism spread from India, 
                     China, Korea, and Japan.
Friday -- Quiz over the map of China.  
               Six question quiz over the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties and spread of Buddhism.
               Continue reading from the text about Buddhism and how it influenced China.