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Cherokee Middle School

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Comprehensive Development Classroom

Kellie Allen

Cherokee Middle School



Classroom curriculum is individualized for each student and primarily focused on goals/objectives from students’ IEPs. The overall focus of the class is to learn and master skills that will help students be successful and independent in the real world, while being exposed to the general education curriculum to the most appropriate extent (i.e., functional academics, life skills, social skills, self-care, etc.).


Including, but no limited to:



  • Reading/Language Arts

-Level 1: Recognition of images and/or symbols and their meanings

-Level 2: Sight words

-Level 3: Decoding

-Level 4: Fluency

-Modified content from all grade level standards

  • Math

-Time: Telling time and concepts of time

-Money: Identifying money, Counting money, Making purchases, Making change, Tax, etc.

-Calendar Work (days, months, weather, following a schedule, etc.)

-Modified content from all grade level standards



-iPad communication apps

-sign language


Life Skills




-Social Interaction/Cooperation

-Work Skills

-Transition Skills (i.e., awareness of/preparation for post-secondary opportunities, community participation)



Tennessee Alternate Assessment

Exposure to science and social studies through inclusion opportunities