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News and Announcements

I will be out this Tuesday and possibly the rest of the week. I have jury duty on Tuesday and we will see what happens the rest of the week. Most lessons are already posted on the google classroom. Again, please ask your student to view the google classroom. I post most lessons on there and announcements for the class. Last Friday, I had each student log in into their email. This is an excellent communication tool for them to use.
Monday-Narrative Writing-we will take c-notes over narrative writing and begin analysis of a narrative writing done in Jones's class
Tuesday-Vocabulary assessment over the interactive notebook
Wednesday-two more words to add to our interactive notebook
Thursday-The Stolen Party-assignment on
Friday-Narrative Writing- we will spend time TEAM evaluating our writing from Jones's class and then have an opportunity to make changes to the writing piece. The rewrite will be due next Friday.
As usual, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me or call the school. 
Lots of things coming up in the next couple of weeks. I apologize for not posting anything lately. This week I have been out sick and as a head's up next week I will be out for jury duty. I am hoping it will only be one day, but there is potential that I will be out the entire week. 
Things to be aware of:
1. I  have set up a google classroom for each class and a account and classroom for each class. Many of our assignments will be done through these two avenues. Please ask your student to show you what they are doing and how each of these two things look. 
2. Vocabulary interactive notebooks are continuing. This week we are doing four root words. Next TUESDAY we will have a notebook check and assessment over the root words: chron, bio, cred, dict. You can help your student study by asking them to show you their notebook and quizzing them over the root words and definitions, as well as, the associated words
3. Every Friday we are still having Writer's Workshop. This week we will be using a writing piece from Mr. Jones's class to critique and improve
In an effort to keep all the things organized, each time I post something new on this page, I will be posting in this colored font. Once it becomes an old announcement-I will change the font color to black. 
It was great seeing so many parents last night at Open House! For those that were unable to make it-you were missed! Just a couple of updates:
Your student does need to two composition or spiral notebooks for class-most have these. One will be used for vocabulary and one for writer's notebook.
Students do have homework due on Friday:

Take 30 minutes between this weekend and next Friday and write about one of the “places” you want to go. Make sure to think about what you have to do to get there and what you think might be hard about getting there.

This assignment was given last Friday. They really cannot get it wrong-as long as they write for 30 minutes.  Please encourage this. I asked them to set a timer for themselves.

I will be uploading some great resources for you to use at home. I spoke on them last night and will be adding them to this page. These will serve as great guides for conversations you can have at home with your students.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at
Thanks for being such amazing parents!

Welcome to the Green Bears ELA 2018-2019!
I hope everyone had a fun filled, adventurous, relaxing summer! 
This year in ELA we will be focusing on reading complex text and practicing our reading skills with every text we read. Students are required to have a novel on them at all times. Friday we will spend some time reading our novels of choice during class. Be prepared for weekly writing assignments that will be done at home. These writing assignments will not be long essays, but it is imperative that students are practicing their writing skills every day. 
I am beyond excited for this school year and all that we will be able to accomplish this year! Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, etc you may have this year. I am here to support, aid, help, encourage your child to do his/her best this year!