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Dr. Noelle Money » What's Happening? (this week)

What's Happening? (this week)

Happy Friday!!! And Fall y'all! This weather feels like fall is here early!
This past week we started The Giver. The kids seem really excited about it! If at all possible, purchase a copy of the book that your student can keep at home and read over as we read in class. 
Monday-we will finish our discussion of dystopia vs. utopia (this is a theme that is throughout The Giver). Students will also be given ANNOTATION #3-these are the weekly homework assignments where they "Talk to the Text"-please see the bookmark that they should have in their binders if you have any questions about expectations for this assignment. We will be finishing Chapter 1 of The Giver as well.
Tuesday-Students will complete Chapter 1 skills mini-lesson. For each chapter of The Giver we will focus on certain reading skills. 
Wednesday-PERSONAL NARRATIVE DUE (Core 1=brainstorm, Core 2, 3, & 4=complete personal narrative). It is imperative that students come to class with their assignment complete. Failure to do so will keep them from participating in the day's activities.
Thursday and Friday-we will continue reading Chapter 2 with text interactions.
I cannot stress enough the importance of students completing the weekly annotation homework assignment. This is an opportunity for students to practice a very important reading skill that will benefit them greatly as they progress in their educational journey.
Happy Friday ya'll!!!
We did not do our "Talking to the Text" lesson today. We are pushing it to Monday. Instead, students had an opportunity to finish their team posters and we viewed and analyzed a TED talk-"Start with Why" by Simon Sinek-I encourage all of you to watch this TED talk and start the conversation with your student on what their why is.
Monday-"Talking to the Text" Lesson Part 1-We will look at our reading history and analyze what I do when I read a text. Students will come home with "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto. All they need to do tonight is read through it.
Tuesday-"Talking to the Text" Lesson Part 2-We will finish what it is to talk to the text. Students will learn the "Talking to the Text" strategy and have time in class to practice. At home, students need to work on "Talking to the Text" with the "Seventh Grade" reading passage.
Wednesday-Narrative Writing Lesson-We will begin our introduction to narrative writing-what it is, what it looks like, and how to write it
Thursday-Short Response to Annotations Lesson-We will spend time working on how to create a short response to some of the annotations we have made on "Seventh Grade"
Friday-Annotation Assessment 1. We will have an assessment over "Seventh Grade" and turn in our annotations. 
This week we will be iReady testing on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday will be ELA and Thursday will be Math. We will meet with all core classes after testing for a shortened class period.
Tuesday-Classbuilding Activities-1. Find Someone Who 2. Quiz, Quiz, Trade-both of these activities are meant to further develop positive relationships among students in the classroom
Wednesday-Growth Mindset-we will conclude our lesson on what a Growth Mindset is and the importance of having one. In addition, we will be introduced to our DAILY DOSE-DO NOW-this is what students will begin doing every class during the bellringer/do now time. 
Thursday-iReady Math Testing-since we will have shortened classes, we will spend our time working on our team posters
Friday-"Talking to the Text" Lesson-students will begin understanding what it means to annotate the text and the benefits of annotating.
UPDATED August 14, 2017
This week is a full week of learning!!!! 
Monday-we will begin working with the story "First Day Jitters", we will take notes over vocabulary, read the story, and begin reader's theatre.
Tuesday-We will finish up with our story "First Day Jitters", we will perform our reader's theatre in our groups, complete reader's response questions, complete Someone Wanted But So summary activity, and work on a writing assignment associated with ideas in "First Day Jitters"
Bio-Person is due this day and we have Open House from 530-730
Wednesday-We will begin our Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters lesson
Thursday-Complete Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters
Friday-Benchmark Assessment: this assessment will allow us to see where we are today and what skills we need to focus on this year.
We will not have school Monday, August 21st...Happy Eclipse Day!!!!
Welcome Back Friends!!!
This week we will have class on Wednesday, August 9th (1/2 day) and Friday, August 11th(full day).
August 9th- We will spend time working through paperwork and initial introductions.
August 11th-We will start creating our Bio-Person