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Cherokee Middle School

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Friday, September 10th:
If you would like to pick up a folder with paper copies of missed assignments (most 7th grade ELA assignments are online, but a few are on paper), please send me a short email message and include your child's name.  I will make sure their work is waiting for them in the office! We also have ELA binders and composition books (Pobble Writing) that they may need also.  Let me know in your email if I need to add these to their stack!
Tuesday, September 7th:
Midterms will be sent home with students today.  I see a lot of missing assignments, many of which are a result of extended absences.  Please remind students to keep up with their school work if they are quarantined.  I have extra copies of any work that is to be completed on paper (most of my assignments are online), in crates on my bookshelf, labeled by the month, with work filed by the date.  Students need to be responsible for gathering, completing and submitting all assignments before the end of the nine-week grading period.  Any zeros become permanent at that time.  I will review this procedure with all students, numerous times throughout the year.