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Cherokee Middle School

Elizabeth Roney » Assignments


Monday 20th: Scientific Notation  Multiplying & Dividing Scavenger Hunt & Notes on Adding & Subtracting
Tuesday 21st: Scientific Notation Adding & Subtracting  
Wednesday 22nd: Practicing all Scientific Notation Operations
Thursday 23rd: QUIZ over all operations. 
Friday 24th: Notes: Scientific Notation Real World Word Problems 
Monday 13th: Review: Integers, Exponent Rules, Perfect squares & cubes, rational & irrational, fractions/decimals, estimating non-perfect squares 
Tuesday 14th: TEST!!
Wednesday 15th:  Scientific Notation and Standard form: Notes 
Thursday 16th: Scientific Notation & Standard from Practice
Friday 17th: Multiplying & dividing in Scientific Notation 
Monday 6th: NO SCHOOL! Happy Labor Day! 
Tuesday 7th: Stations: Review of non-perfect squares
Wednesday 8th: Practice of Rational & Irrational Numbers
Thursday 9th: Quiz 
Friday 10th: Stations over exponent rules, perfects squares & cubes 1-15 (should have these memorized), and rational & irrational numbers (TEST on Tuesday, next week) 
Monday 30th: Solving squares & cubes equation Notes and practice
Tuesday 31st: Squares and Cubes Practice & QUIZ 
Wednesday 1st: Converting fraction/decimals
Thursday 2nd: Estimating non-perfect square roots
Friday 3rd: Identifying Rational & Irrational numbers 
**Complete iReady for Math by Tueday!**
Monday 23rd: Exponent Rules Stations & Practice
Tuesday 24th: Exponent Rules & Integer Rules Study Guide
Wednesday 25th: Exponent Rules Review & QUIZ
Thursday 26th: Perfects Squares & Cubes Notes & Flash cards 1-10
Friday 27th: Flash cards 11-15 & Practice Perfect Squares & Cubes 1-15
Monday 16th: Exponent rules Notes & Practice
Tuesday 17th: Exponent rules Notes & Practice 
Wednesday 18th: Exponent rules Practice 
Thursday 19th: iReady Testing
Friday 20th: iReady Testing