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Cherokee Middle School

Dismissal Times

3:25 - 1st Bus Bell and Car Riders
3:30 - 2nd Bus Bell and Walkers go to Cafeteria
3:35 - 2nd Wave of Buses come through for pick up
3:40 - Walkers are released to walk home
The CMS Safety Committee made revisions to the order of dismissal. This change primarily impacts walkers. Due to the heavy flow of cars and buses between 3:25 and 3:40, we are putting our walkers in danger by releasing at 3:25 amidst all of the traffic and it has been getting increasingly more dangerous. With no yellow caution lights, no crosswalks, and no police officer on duty most days, the decision of the safety committee was that it was in the best interest of the students safety to delay the release of walkers until after the heavy flow of traffic subsided. Thank you for understanding this change and in putting students safety first.