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6th Grade Supply List

The following are basic school items REQUIRED for 6th grade students:
Large binder with accordion organizer
5 colored folders with holes to fit in binder (Plastic or Heavy Duty)
  • Red – Math
  • Green – Science
  • Blue – Social Studies
  • Orange – Reading / Language Arts
  • Yellow – Related Arts
Zipper pencil pouch to be stored in binder
TI-30XS(Texas instruments) Calculator – please purchase THIS model only! It will be used in all middle school grades.
2 – packs of #2 pencils (wooden or mechanical with lead)
Pencil sharpener
2 – packs of colored pencils (1 for binder / 1 for home)
5 – packs of wide-ruled notebook paper
2 – Composition notebooks, NOT spiral! (used in Math, 1 per semester)
1 – pack of RED pens
1 - 3 ring binder ( 1” )
Below are basic needs items, please donate any items possible to your homeroom teacher:
· 1 box of Kleenex
· Girls – 1 roll of paper towels, 1 bottle hand sanitizer, & 1 pack of pencils
· Boys – 1 container Clorox Wipes & 1 pack of cap erasers
*It would be a good idea to purchase extra paper and pencils to store at home. Also, there will be several times throughout the year when students will need white poster board, now is a good time to stock up. Other items that you may want to have at home, but are not required for school are: scissors, colored pencils and markers, glue sticks, tape, and construction paper. Since these items are probably on sale, you may want to purchase them now.
FEES: (Subject fees help cover the cost of binders your student will use in class every day.)
Science $8.00 ($5 lab fee; $3 binder and tabs)
Social Studies $3.00 (Study Weekly magazines)
Reading / Language Arts $2.00 (binder)
Room Supplement $20.00 (classroom materials)
TOTAL: $33.00