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Cherokee Middle School

Mrs. Linda Wiseheart » THIS WEEK:


Week of August 14th-18th
Welcome to the first full week of 7th grade!!!!  We will be reviewing class procedures all week, in addition to our ELA lessons.
All Week: Begin class with our daily bellringers.
Monday: August 14th: Students worked in whole group, small groups, and individually to complete the second portion on the Multiple Intelligences Survey. 6th period will complete this for Homework tonight. Students also turned in their "About Me" page.
Tuesday, August 15th: Students will complete class Graphic Organizer for Multiple Intelligences and review Bell Ringer Activities (Daily D.) we will be using this year.
Wednesday, August 16th: Students will complete a short Writing Assessment. We will also set up our Class Binders. 6th period will complete this for HOMEWORK. 1st period will complete this in class tomorrow.. 
Thursday, August 17th: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd periodsStudents will participate in a peer editing session of their Writing assignment and learn how to do a critique using Author's Chair. Make any necessary changes and turn in writing assignment tomorrow. 6th periodStudents will learn how to do a critique using Author's Chair. 
Friday, August 18th: Benchmark Assessment to evaluate ELA strengths and weaknesses. I will use the results for planning and student grouping. 
READING LOGS will begin next week.
DON'T FORGET: School will be closed Monday, August 21st for the eclipse. Be safe when viewing!
NEXT WEEK iReady Testing Schedule:
Tuesday, August 22-ELA
8:33-10:46 (Test with your homeroom)
Thursday, August 24-Math
8:33-10:46 (Test with your homeroom)
Week of August 9th-11th
Wednesday, Aug. 9th:  Students met with their Blue Panther teachers! Paperwork was sent home to be completed by parents. There are LOTS of forms to fill out; some of them are two-sided. Please return forms and school fees ASAP. Thank you so much, parents!  Fees are $33.00 non-band students and $48.00 for band students.
Thursday, Aug. 10th: Administrative Day
Friday, August 11th: Students began an "About Me" page that will be due on Monday. We also started our study of Multiple Intelligences. We will continue this on Monday.