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Lesson Plans

Monday, Nov. 13
All classes: field trip or study of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
Tuesday, Nov. 14
Periods 1 and 4: introductory paragraph for argumentative essay
Periods 2 and 3: note-taking-Poe's death
Wednesday, Nov. 15
Periods 1 and 4: body paragraph(s) for argumentative essay
Periods 2 and 3: finish note-taking; begin introductory paragraph
Thursday, Nov. 16
Periods 1 and 4: complete body paragraphs as needed; if completed, begin work on concluding paragraph
Periods 2 and 3: finish introductory paragraph; begin body paragraph
Friday, Nov. 17
All classes (substitute):
-test passage/questions practice: informational text
-100 signed reading minutes due
Reading Calendars will resume on Monday after Thanksgiving Break!
Monday, Nov. 6
Periods 1 and 4-taking notes on Poe's life/death for argumentative essay
Periods 2 and 3-begin "Annabel Lee"
Tuesday, Nov. 7
Periods 1 and 4-continue notetaking on Poe
Periods 2 and 3-finish study of "Annabel Lee"
Wednesday, Nov. 8
all classes-Poe research
Thursday, Nov. 9
all classes-Poe research
Friday, Nov. 10
progress monitoring on mastery of theme and central ideas
Reading Calendar due
Some lessons overlap with last week.
Monday, October 30
-adjective review
-study of theme in "The Necklace"
Tuesday, October 31
-finding key details in an audio of Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"
Wednesday, November 1
-writing an objective summary of "The Tell-Tale Heart" (turned in for a grade)
Thursday, November 2
-read and discuss Poe's "Annabel Lee"
Friday, November 3
-continue discussion of Poe's Annabel Lee
Monday, October 23
-completed voc. study.  It needs to be finished for homework tonight if not finished in class.
-highlighting literary elements while listening to an audio of "The Necklace"
Tuesday, October 24
-class discussion: analyzing the story with a focus on theme
Wednesday, October 25
-writing an objective summary of "The Necklace" (grade)
Thursday, October 26
-Beginning of Poe argumentative paper:
-short video of Poe's background and informational text on theories about his death (take research notes)
Friday, October 27
-continue work from yesterday
100 signed reading minutes due
Monday, October 16
-receive new reading calendars (100-signed minutes due this Friday)
-beginning-a-new-quarter activities: review procedures, hand back all papers and account for missing work with individual students, begin reading calendars
Tuesday, October 17
-making inferences/predictions in "The Necklace" by Guy de Mauppasant
Wednesday, October 18
-vocabulary study in "The Necklace"
oppressive, inscrutable, exclusive, distraught, exquisite, anguish, drudgery, impoverished
-for each word: part of speech, sentence, definition, illustration/representation  due by the beginning of class Tuesday, October 24
Thursday, October 19
-whole group: read aloud "The Necklace"
-literary analysis chart (protagonist, antagonist, setting, plot, conflict, theme)-"The Necklace"
Friday, October 20
-Reading Calendar due
Monday, October 2
Cores 1 and 4-complete study guide with partner; study for nine weeks exam tomorrow
Cores 2 and 3- work on study guide with partner and in whole group
Tuesday, October 3
Cores 1 and 4-Nine Weeks Exam
Cores 2 and 3-complete study guide; study for nine weeks test tomorrow
Wednesday, October 4
Cores 1 and 4-Making predictions: "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant
Cores 2 and 3-Nine Weeks Exam
Thursday, October 5
Cores 1 and 4-Reading and analyzing "The Necklace"
Cores 2 and 3-Reading and analyzing an excerpt from "Heidi"
Friday, October 6
All Classes:
View and analyze "The Monkey's Paw"
Reading Calender with 100 signed minutes due-No reading calendar over Fall Break
Field Trip Paperwork and Money Due
Monday, Sept. 18
cores 1 and 4-voc. study of "The Sniper"
cores 2 and 3-literary analysis of "The Sniper"
Tuesday, Sept. 19
cores 1 and 4-writing effective summaries
cores 2 and 3-literary analysis of "The Sniper"
Wednesday, Sept. 20
cores 1 and 4-story board of plot
cores 2 and 3-story board of plot
Thursday, Sept. 21
cores 1 and 4-complete story board and turn in for a grade
cores 2 and 3-comnplete story board of plot and turn in for a grade
Friday, Sept. 22
-cores 1 and 4-figurative language in "The Sniper"
-cores 2 and 3-figurative language in "The Sniper"
Monday, September 11
-Read personal narratives independently.  Highlight main idea and key details.
-Complete 9/11 timelines with main ideas from informational text
-Share Circle: Where Were You? interviews.  Turn in for a grade
Tuesday, September 12
-Quick grammar check: capitalization
-Unit Closure:  Choose two things you learned during the 9/11 study.  Write a detailed paragraph explaining the specifics of what you learned.
-Turn in for a grade
Wednesday, September 13
-Pretest: Literary Terms
-Reading Calendar Minutes: If you do not have your materials, novel and calendar, you will receive a strike.  If you do not use your time reading, you will receive a strike.
Thursday, September 14
-Close Read of "The Sniper"
first read: highlight main idea(s) and key details: where, when, who, what, why
-Whole Group: discussion and completion of short story analysis chart
Friday, September 15
-Reading Calendars due: 100 signed minutes
-Responding to comprehension questions on "The Sniper," using textual evidence correctly
Tuesday, September 5
-Complete vocabulary study from informational text; turn in by the end of the period
-Noun Assessment tomorrow on identifying nouns, capitalizing proper nouns, and making singular nouns plural (may use class notes)
Wednesday, September 6
-Noun Assessment
-If students finish the assessment early, they will read their novels and fill out their Reading Calendars for me to sign.
Thursday, September 7
-Informational Texts, 9/11
a.  Introduction: KWL (what I know, what I want to know, what I learned during the study) charts completed with partner and discussed in whole group (first two sections)
b.  Reading a timeline: main events of 9/11/2001 
c.  Make assignment, due Monday, September 11.  Students will interview two different people who were old enough at the time of 9/11 to remember where they were when they first found out, how they felt, and how the weeks following affected their daily lives.  They will be given a form to write the interviews to turn in for a grade.  They also may be asked to share in Share Circle on Monday as time allows.
Friday, September 8
-Signed Reading Calendars turned in and a new one picked up for the upcoming week
-Class readings of four personal account narratives from 9/11; group discussion and vocabulary study
Monday, August 28
-noun identification: for a grade
-analyzing sentences to review capitalization rules (proper nouns) with class partner
Tuesday, August 29
-quiz on classroom procedures
-complete partner work on capitalization rules
Wednesday, August 30
-informational text : History of Labor Day (
-vocabulary study of high-frequency, grade-appropriate vocabulary found in the text
Thursday, August 31
-complete vocabulary study of text
Friday, September 1
-introduction of Reading Calendars (Please see below for more details.)
-group work: finding the main idea in an informational text in order to write a concise, effective summary
Your child should have a book to read by Friday of this week.  He/she will be keeping a reading calendar for the majority of the school year.  Your son/daughter should bring home a paper explaining the requirements this weekend for you to sign.  Thanks!
Tuesday, August 22
-writing component: My Personal Experience during the 2017 Eclipse
-grammar component: identifying nouns in sentences review
Wednesday, August 23
-writing component: My First Week of Eighth Grade
-grammar component: identifying nouns in your own writing and determining their strength
Thursday, August 24
-writing component: rediscovering the rules used in capitalizing proper nouns and writing those in complete sentences in your own words
-grammar component: identifying proper nouns for capitalization
Friday, August 25
-writing component: after forming the plurals of nouns, you will be required to use those plurals in original sentences
-grammar component: forming the plurals of singular nouns
Students will be taking the Reading portion of the iReady on Tuesday and the Math on Wednesday.  They will still be going to all of their classes on a modified schedule.
Monday, August 14
-class procedures for the beginning of class and using your agenda; modeling the letter of introduction
Tuesday, August 15
-class procedure for a substitute teacher; writing a letter of introduction
Wednesday, August 16, and Thursday, August 17
-read aloud letters of introduction to the class
Friday, August 18
-in-class narrative writing
 general prompt: a fiction story about the eclipse