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Lesson Plans

Tuesday, August 22
-writing component: My Personal Experience during the 2017 Eclipse
-grammar component: identifying nouns in sentences review
Wednesday, August 23
-writing component: My First Week of Eighth Grade
-grammar component: identifying nouns in your own writing and determining their strength
Thursday, August 24
-writing component: rediscovering the rules used in capitalizing proper nouns and writing those in complete sentences in your own words
-grammar component: identifying proper nouns for capitalization
Friday, August 25
-writing component: after forming the plurals of nouns, you will be required to use those plurals in original sentences
-grammar component: forming the plurals of singular nouns
Students will be taking the Reading portion of the iReady on Tuesday and the Math on Wednesday.  They will still be going to all of their classes on a modified schedule.
Monday, August 14
-class procedures for the beginning of class and using your agenda; modeling the letter of introduction
Tuesday, August 15
-class procedure for a substitute teacher; writing a letter of introduction
Wednesday, August 16, and Thursday, August 17
-read aloud letters of introduction to the class
Friday, August 18
-in-class narrative writing
 general prompt: a fiction story about the eclipse