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Remember that the more  students study information, the more they will retain. Even just 10-15 minutes a night will make a BIG difference! I am here if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 

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Upcoming assessments

  • LA - Grammar quiz FRIDAY
  • Math - Test over Exponents FRIDAY
  • Pickrell Social Studies - Israel test FRIDAY
  • Science - Space test MONDAY
  • Banker Social Studies India map & vocab list 1 quiz TUESDAY

Week of Nov 6

  • Science quiz over Moon Phases - Thursday
  • Language Arts Study Island test over Theme - Thursday
  • Math test over Percents - Friday

9 week test schedule

  • Social Studies - THIS Friday over all vocab and maps from the the notebook so far. 
  • Language Arts - Tuesday, October 3 - parts of speech, figurative language, Missing May notes, correcting sentences
  • Math - Wednesday, October 4 - All notes in the composition notebook: multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, integers, word problems
  • Science - Thursday, October 5 - Over Energy, Interdependence and EDP

This Week

  • Math - quiz Friday over integers - There are lots of notes to review and study! Don't forget about online help and practice.
  • Language Arts - Helping Verbs are due Friday. Students were given the words over a week ago and need to recite them out loud, in order on Friday. Reading Calendars will be due next week.
  • Dress Up Days - Wednesday: Dress the career you want.  Thursday: Mathlete OR Athlete.  Friday: Country OR Country Club.  Next Monday: Tacky day.  Tuesday: Blue & Orange Day

Dress Up Days

This week we will be focusing on College and Career
Tuesday - College colors
Wednesday - Dress the job you want
Then we start Spirit Week!
Thursday - Mathlete OR Athlete Day
Friday - Country OR Country Club
Monday (10/2) - No-Mirror Monday (Tacky Day)
Tuesday (10/3) - Orange and Blue Day

  • Science quiz TUESDAY over Interdependence notes
  • ELA grammar quiz FRIDAY
  • Math test FRIDAY over multiplying and dividing fractions
  • ELA helping verbs - memorize and recite the list of helping verbs - Due September 29

Tests this week

  • Banker Social Studies - Unit Test THURSDAY (tomorrow) over everything for Early Humans section in the binder. Students should have been studying notes and vocabulary. They have quizzes and notes to study. 
  • Pickrell Social Studies - Early Cultures vocab quiz FRIDAY - Students have the vocab and should have been studying.
  • Language Arts - Reading Calendar: Students should be reading for at least 15 minutes at least 5 days a week and logging the time on their calendars. These will be turned in October 2
  • Language Arts - Test TUESDAY, Sept 12 over "All Summer in a Day". There will be vocabulary and figurative language. The students already have notes for these that they can be studying. Reading the story several times will help with their understanding of it.

1: World Roll Out

September 12 is an exciting evening for our 6th grade students; every 6th grade student will receive their own Chromebook to use while attending Cherokee Middle School. Before a Chromebook can be issued to a student, a parent or guardian must attend the Roll Out session with their student at CMS, view the video, take a short quiz with your child, and sign the consent forms. Additional insurance coverage can be purchased for $20 and is recommended. We look forward to seeing you at CMS on Tuesday, September 12th for the 6th grade 1:World Chromebook Roll Out! If you are not able to come on Tuesday, September 12th, we will be here on Wednesday, September 13th at 5:00 PM in the library.

This Week 8/28-9/1

  • Math - Addition/Subtraction of decimals TEST Thursday, Aug 31
  • Math - Division/Multiplication of decimals TEST Friday, Sept 1
  • Pickrell Social Studies - Early Cultures Vocab QUIZ Friday, Sept 1
  • Banker Social Studies - Vocab List 2 QUIZ Friday, Sept 1
  • Language Arts - Grammar/noun QUIZ Friday, Sept 1
  • Science - EDP QUIZ Tuesday, Sept 5
  • Language Arts - Reading Calendar comes home Friday: Students must read at least 5 times a week for at least 15 minutes each day. Parents need to initial each day the student reads. Instructions are on the calendars.

How To Help Your Student

  • Check your student's agenda - this is where they write what they do in classes and what their homework is
  • Check teacher websites - activities, homework, quizzes and tests are listed for the week
  • Check Parent Vue - This gives you access to your student's grades. If you are unable to access Parent Vue, please contact the office.
  • Practice - Even if there is no homework, practicing multiplication facts, reading, answering questions and reviewing notes are an excellent way to keep those skills up.

 If you haven't turned in your green email/contact sheet to me, please be sure to do it soon!!

Black Home folders are now in the front of binders. Use these for homework, letters home and things that need to be returned.